Yay, now that I have a digital camera I can take various holiday photos and bore everybody with them , oh well, I'll try to add some 'amusing' commentary to the photos as I go along XD


As a certain ex-friend of mine would say: /me FAIL

My brother being a prat XD, this was taken in the car on the way to the holiday camp

Some of the first we saw of the beautiful welsh countryside

This is a welsh power station, no, really XD

A nice looking lake at the bottom of a valley

A mountain making up one side of the valley, don't let the mist fool you, it was stunningly hot that day

A picture taken in Portmerion, a 'fantasy village' that was the location of the 60's tv show "The prisoner" (and the last episode of "cold feet" XD)

The main courtyard at the centre of portmerion village, it was again amazingly hot that day, like 36 degrees C, and I was burning up taking this pic

The portmerion hotel as seen from a shady, windy place, I stood there a lot to try and escape the heat

The portmerion skyline as seen from the 'stone boat' down near the beach

And here is the skyline from the main courtyard, in the prisoner there was a 'human chess board' located around here, but it isnt there now

Here is the house of Number 6 in the prisoner TV series, it is now the prisoner souvenier shop, and a lot smaller than it looked in the show XD

Its me in the portmerion car park XD, this pic was taken from the wheel of our car, while I was crouching in the shade trying not to die

This is the 'victorian village' at a slate mine we visited, you can see the house of a famous harp player, and the victorian sweet shop XD

A pic of weebl, from weebl and bob, some weird flash movies, that my brother scratched into some slate

The victorian village at the slate mine from a viewing point I stupidly climbed up to in the heat (it wasn't quite as hot as 36 degrees that day though)

I kept trying to take pics of this little baby bunny, but he kept running away, this is the best pic I got, but its still not too good

This is a view from one end of caernarfon castle, the roped-off area is where some blokes where demonstrating medievil weapons XD

About the only good photo I took in ireland when we went for a day trip, this is fitzgeralds bar, from the TV show "Ballykissangel", it rained a lot that day XD

This is me on the ferry about to leave ireland, I have a ponytail in this pic, hehe

That collection of small lights is ireland XD

The weather was just right on Friday, so we went down a copper mine and froze again XD, this is some stalagtites/mites (?)

The exit from the mine came out to this amazing view of the valleys, I wish I'd taken more pics there XD

This is the lake from pic number 5 close-up XD, my mum thougt we where in ireland and was going "this sign is still in pounds" XD

Something I found intersting, Roundabouthenge XD

Random pic of some hills I took on the way home

And here is the countryside of the Fens for comparison XD