These are pics mainly from the Burwell classic car show, which took place at Burwell museum on 12th June 2005. There are also some other pics I took off my digital camera at the same time, because I wanted to post them all in livejournal. I'll put the car ones first and the other ones last.

An MGB GT, This one was an automatic, with nice leather seats XD. Those wheels are the coolest ever

Ford Corsair GT Estate, one of only two in the country!. The red roadster behind it is an MG T-Type

Triumph 1800 Roadster, one of the sexiest cars ever!. It has rear seats in the boot XD. I belive thatís an Austin Maxi behind it

A Triumph TR4a, the US-Spec one, with a Targa roof. The one just creeping into the pic is an MGC

Some kind of Riley from the late 40's, presumably. It was a post-war show XD. Some Morris Minors in the background

A Triumph Herald convertible, these where pretty ordinary small cars, though this one must have been top of the range

An AC/Shelby Cobra, the most kitted car ever?. This is a real one, not a plastic body on a Sierra XD

These cakes are nice ^-^

Cool orange light coming into my room one evening

Sometime in January