There was talk on Doomworld about something somebody found in an old diary of Eric Harris that was supposedly going to destroy videogaming as we know it. A letter to ID software suggesting they make Doom 3 (if only he had waited 5 years he could have played it, and been as pissed off as the rest of us). Anyway somebody then linked to a vast PDF of his various writings and doodles and there was another thread started taking the piss out of them. So I decided to look back through my own diaries and schoolwork for the more violent and sick stuff and then post it online. As it would be a big page of new content and the only effort I would have to make would be scanning it, everyone's a winner! Except the people I shoot.

1996 - 1997

1999 - 2000








Note: I'm not going to really do a massacre, before some dickhead calls the police.