Yep, some of this stuff was drawn in the same year that I started this website!, well early on in that year anyway. Its all from my "homework diary", you might think it is a bit dangerous, drawing such stuff so soon after Columbine, but my form tutor never looked at them (despite the fact him and my parents where supposed to sign it every week). In fact as long as we turned up to registration he didnít care what we did, as long as it wasnít bellowing swear words at the top of our lungs, beating each other up or setting the tables on fire XD. Once one of the strictest teachers asked to look at random people's homework diaries during a science lesson he was covering. I'm forever grateful he didnít pick mine.

I liked Anarchy then, but not the kind seen in Felney, the bomb-making kind. Of course Eric and Dylan also liked bomb making and put plans in their school books. I could have been locked up!

"Plan to blow up police station"?? no word-mincing here! The big thing "falling over" is the giant communcations arieal that was probably once used so they could talk to the police cars by radio. Of course it is probably obsolete these days. The building it is falling "onto" is the council offices across the road. In real life it isnt tall enough to actually fall on the council office, in fact the far end of it would probably not even reach the car park.

Good old flag burning and drug references, everything the growing psycho needs

A few more plans for devices of death. "Geff" was a plastic explosive one of my friends had found instructions to make, the ingredients where flour and paint. Strangely enough it didnít work. Sodium Chlorate weedkiller has "flammable" signs all over it, but is very hard to actually set on fire, and all it does is fizzle a bit, hardly "explosive"

Police: Here we can see him making a very specific death threat against somebody, along with a date too. Needless to say we will be watching everybody in the world on the 14th of October 1999 to make sure he doesnít set any of them on fire. Twice.

"How to kill John", John in question being a "friend" that clung to us like a homesick turd (but smelled worse), we tried everything up to and including attempted murder. (well he could have drowned in that mucky river if it was deeper)

"Chappel" in question being the science teacher who gave me this homework. He was welsh, which led to lots of sheep jokes and baa-ing noises in his classes, and inflatable sheep left in his room on year 11 leaving days. A friend of mine would piss himself laughing at the slightest sheep joke. If I had heard of The Macc Lads then and played him the song "No Sheep Till Buxton" he would have probably died.

We REALLY didnít like himÖ I think he joined the Navy in the end, I thought he was afraid of water (or was that just soapy water?). I imagine he is thrown over the side of the ship on a weekly basis.

The sort of thing someone would write minutes before pulling the trigger for the first timeÖ

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