This was probably the worst year of my life, and that is reflected in some of the mean-spirited brutality found in my diary this year. However I was also starting to go off splatter movies and getting more into boys' own adventures, so there's also plenty of pictures relating to those (I didn't scan those for the massacre section though, obviously).

Opening the diary with a Doom logo, some classic cars, a steampunk contraption and some anti-American slogans from the best (and funniest) ever Top Gear episode.

I only got two of these done in the end

An early attempt at copying the British Comic style, that ended up looking like rubbish Marvel. The "patronising ginger twat" took us for some practicals. Except the instructions were written wrong and instead of making us aware of the corrections AT THE START he'd drone out "Mek shoo-ah yurve uurnly put 10 microlitres in and not wun hondrud" in his normal voice, in a room full of noise and confusion. And usually JUST AFTER most people had done it wrong. They would then ask the few people who had actually heard him and actually had time to make the changes why their experiment hadn't worked, thus continuing the cycle of frustration. I bet the instructions never got updated too, so the same shit probably happens every year.

Jennifer Diane Reitz' dad getting executed. Unfortunately he probably died peacefully and escaped the agonising brutal death he earned. Still it's a good thing that all he is experiencing now is silent darkness.

Sunita 'offing' somebody whilst wearing a giant mk3 Cortina-shaped hat.

Somebody being run over by a "125" train going at full speed. Guts everywhere!

The first ever drawing of Sexton Blake I did.

A gore page, just like the old days. The password guy being shot still makes me laugh

Me with huge hair that looks like a turban pouring Zyklon B down somebody's chimney. Probably Dale's. I think this is the only time, so far, that I have managed to draw an expression correctly.

A Morris Minor pickup running over somebody

Bird, big gun.

Title screen concept for a videogame I still want to make one of these days. But as videogames are braindead shit I doubt I'll have much enthusiasm to work on it.

Jess out of High Maintenance, second and a half revision.

Hot rod hearse

Numerous stuff. The "Not Racist!" thing comes from the funniest Viz advert ever, the Golliwog Stairlift!

This was in a rejected page of the original Scum Slaughter, where a character who is basically me is friends with the 10-year old Sunita and shows her some video nasties. Cut for reasons of self-insert lameness and extreme creepiness. I did have a nice early 50's MG though.

A drawing in the style of some of my brother's old gory drawings. He did one scene of a war with ludicrously over the top blood, people getting shot on hills immediately (as in as soon as the bullet hit them) filled the valleys beneath them with lakes of blood.

A zombie attack. This was from a dream and involved, ahem, "Gecko".

As you can see I was starting to become more of a fascist. The van is a typical homonian model, with tail fins! The "Deviancy Patrol" was intended to motor around the roughest estates in Britain after dark randomly "zapping" anybody that looks like they're trouble. Because whilst governments should fear their people, the people also shouldn't have to fear work-shy scum who just see what they want and take it.

Me committing suicide.

A drawing of a crazy plan I had to suicide bomb the Architecture building in an explosive-packed van (with some internet meme painted on it), hopefully blowing up the pillars and causing it to collapse. Maybe the replacement would be designed by people who know what the hell they are doing.

A killer car and Disco Hitler

Some annoying twint from school. I think I remember leaning over to my friends as we sat behind him in assembly and wondering aloud (a bit too aloud) wether he'd be improved any by having an axe embedded in him.

The patronising ginger twat appears again. He's not actually ginger. Also note the reproduction of a poster I made and put up at the 2007 Webcomix Thing, saying The Gun is "coming in late 2007". HEH.


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