Disappointingly little sickness this year, except for 2 or 3 pics. However this is the year I actually got off me arse and improved my artistic skills. That means LOTS of drawings, I was having trouble knowing which ones to leave out. So I left hardly any out, luckily they are small. You can really see my artistic improvement in these. Though I suppose it would be better if I had put them in chronological (or at least page) order, instead they aren't really in any order, oh well XD

Done when I first met Sally XD. I felt like there hadn't been enough blood in that diary so far, so decided to add some

First decent picture of the car Sarah Millman will drive in the Millman comic. A Riley 4/80 (recently re-named the 4/78 XD). Also a concept of a Ford Capri estate, well I think it could look cool XD.

Apparently "I Love Macc" by the Macc Lads is the only song ever recorded that mentions the dump. The obligatory Doom-based pic

Alternative logos for Fassit, I like the spitfire one, but the slogan "We Demand BETTER!" is a better one. We demand a better Britain, one without the social worker scum being paid OUR money to ruin peoples lives for sport (honest! They have competitions to see how many children they can snatch, weather the parents are innocent or not. Though I think they call it a "quarterly performance target"). HANG THEM ALL.

A good and bad Anime version of Sunita Shankar from Scum Slaughter. A BMW Mini on the cheap, a re-construction of a scene from my brother's "Dead Zone" comic (later re-incorporated into ZSM 2) and a prototype logo for the exact comic strip that REALLY made me realise my art had to be improved, the New Mini Tossers!

Anime Sarah Millman and Ann, a Shinra soldier and an alternative Tatu logo XD. Plus a knackered but hastily 'restored' and modified Mk V Cortina which will show up in Felney later on...

The Crayford Capri, there was a very cool one in Classic Ford that month, I wanted a poster of it XD. Possibly the most beautiful car ever...

Sunita. Possibly the best picture of her I have drawn so far. Even the lips don't look tooo bad and they're what I really need to work on.

Sunita's victims XD. IE7 is hyper-shit. I bet IE8 does everything for you, shows you websites it thinks you want to see rather than the ones you do. In about 10-15 years time computer use will decline, the effort required to get them to do what you want will outweigh their usefulness. Offices will be back at pens and paper and all the webcomics will become like Viz when it first started, sold at local concerts and events out the back of a car.

Sunita in a pretty dress... aww ^-^

I started to draw a guy, and it looked like Dale, a sexy guy, who is at Lincoln Uni, who I have slept with on numerous occasions XD. So I made it into him. With the cute bunny ears that where getting chucked around during a night out once. Even though he insisted they where squirrel ears instead XD.

Fanart for the webcomic "Demented Emu", which is cool.

My plan for a discreet "I'm a Dogger" sticker for people to put on their cars. It would work fine until the Sun exposed it saying "RANDY DOGGER'S SECRET SIGNAL!" With a funny "Are you a Dogger?" questionnaire. After the meaning of the sticker was exposed chavs, gyppos, muslims and the BNP would go around looking for cars with it on and torching them. Because we live in a society that has a long tradition of tolerating eccentricity.

A modified mkIII Cortina, red with white stripes XD. Based in one seen in Practical Classics that month.

A Nazi starship, from Galactic Conquest or a Commando comic I may write and send the script to them to see if they want it. Or maybe even both XD.

The "Interim" drawing style used in bits of ZSM 2. Could have been developed more I suppose, Tina and Aaron don't look bad but I fluffed drawing the rest of them. I may return to this style in future though...

Jess Mason from High Maintenance, with lens flares XD.

A decent pic of Jess Mason for where my skills where when I drew it (probably September), but now it doesn't look so good...

Keep children away from matches. If you live in the UK (and maybe the EU as a whole) go and buy a box of matches and look at the little picture next to the safety warning. If you laugh, you're as sick as I am...

The Homonian police force's standard patrol car, a Morris Minor! With one tall blue light on it, a searchlight/megaphone on the wing and a taller badge and beefier front grille for running over fleeing criminals and pushing their jaw up into their skull. Like that builder did to the yobs that kept slashing his tyres. He should have reversed too... GET AT 'EM!!

The 2006 International Mini Show was in Poland, I wanted to drive there, in one with a stage 1 performance kit and no soundproofing to speak of XD. In the end I didn't. If only I had known that the 2005 one was in Norfolk somewhere XD

Various views of the Riley 4/78, the pic of the back of it looks cool ^-^. Also some advertising posters for Fassit and university, and a Lancaster bomber in the flak.

The Ford Capri RS3100, car designing perfection. Taken from a pic in Practical Classics.

Sarah Millman in the "interim" drawing style, and some other Riley's...

Mike, the singer of the cool local band Saint Zoë, who broke up in 2006. He is very sexy ^-^

A priest being shot and a zombies head chewing on some intestine. The last sick things I drew in the 2006 diary XD

Sunita, drawn in the first and last months of 2006

A van for Saint Zoë. Obviously gotta be the coolest van ever, an Escort Mk 1 XD

Various characters done as the year went by. Sarah Millman at the top looks quite odd...

Homonian airlines uses atomic-powered airships... sounds like a recipe for certain doom right? Only if you are a de-evolved parasite that doesn't deserve to live in the 21st century. Fuck off back to your Oswald Mosely and believing that multiculturalism is the same as a multi racial society... we are better than you.

Various views of the main car of Homonian Leyland, the Watling Sparrow. Its like a smaller mk1 Cortina with a different interior, different back lights and a hydrogen engine. But no over the top safety features, satnav or soundproofing!

A mk3 Cortina and a rough Zeroscape logo. They are a really cool metal band from Canada, so listen to them XD. I did the indicators wrong AGAIN. I think the only time I've drawn them correctly is on the back of Scum Slaughter issue 1 and on my reference pic I have on the wall.

A zombie getting shot, mk1 Cortinas, a strange-looking Sarah Millman, a mk2 Cortina and designs for an "Elektrosoldat". You'll just have to wait and see what that is XD


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