This year i got one of those "day to a page" diaries, which also had thick pages which large amounts of red paint wouldn't soak through, which meant i could really let myself go with sick drawings. Indeed half the challenge for this section was deciding what to leave out!

A "promo" image for Grand Theft Felney (which was briefly re-named RTA: Felney, and will probably be called that if it ever gets made) with the guy shooting Aaron's Mum from Felney. And i later added a bizarre statement XD

A preliminary idea for the comic that became "Hoodie Apocalypse". In the early version Sunita, RTA-F guy, Steve Gunn, Sue Jackson and Naraki (from a sci-fi comic i did in 2000-ish) where gonna team up in Middleford in 2005 to battle chavs and generally cause destruction. Steve's quote is a reference to the great revolution of 2014, in which decent law-abiding people took the battle to the barbaric, illiterate savages and thier protectors in the government.

I still havent been dogging. Well my Clio isnt cool enough and my Mini is too small XD. And i'm at university as i write this so can't drive anyway...

Tabloid Twat: Here we can see that he obviously liked Doom, this, and the later versions Half Life and Grand Theft Auto all involve you patrolling some futuristic hell and fighting people with pipe bombs and machine guns, a perfect envrionment for psycho killers to hone thier skills to perfection. In fact there was no such thing as serial killers until Doom came out in 1990. Ban videogames now!

It's actually shit, but WHAT a logo!

Just some misc stuff, like a terrible attempt at a Capri mk1. Daewoo have since been rebadged as Chevy in Britian, though it doesnt disguise the fact that they are knocked-together Korean cars, so Chevy isnt even close to be a competitor for Ford in the UK, unlike America XD. Buy Perodua!, or Hindustan!

Rome was pathetically tame, you cowards!

Jess Mason from High Maintenance finds The Gun, now things are gonna get nasty!

The connection between the bizarre accident in Scum Slaughter story 2, and a game i was gonna make. I probably still will one day, once my sentence at university finishes. It will be a bit like GTA crossed with Runabout, and set in Middleford, where you inadvertently affect the life of the young Sunita in a nasty way XD

A re-make of scene from a comic my brother made called "The Dead Zone", which had zombies invading a town and some mercenaries and other assorted people trying to escape. Famous for a few funny spelling mistakes. ZSM 2 (yeah yeah i'll finish it ONE day) is a loose re-make of this story, just set in the fens and without mercenaries XD

Another game i planned to make, a very very simple one just so i could learn how to make the GTA-esque car motion system for MMF (the default car motion system is a pile of shit). You'd simply be let loose in a pedestrianised town centre in a Capri and have to run over people.

A rejected Scum Slaughter story which involved a peadophile who thought he was "up there" in amongst the "system" and untouchable being brought down in a savage manner by a transexual asian with a nitrous-equipped Mini and a love for heavy metal XD. Based extremely loosely on a film i caught a bit of once where some kids who where abused by a peadophile ring get together in thier late teens for revenge, but find the peado's have the establishment on thier side and the police in thier pockets

A scene from the forerunner of Millman, Homonian Stories. The first of which was going to follow some Sinister Dexter-style killers, who are also drunkards to rival the Drunken Bakers from Viz. They forgot where they parked their car so steal a VW Golf mk1 (if VW want to set up a dealership in Homonia the government will force them to re-make the mk1 Golf there. They where building the mk1 in Singapore right up to 2004 I think) belonging to "Teo's Driving School" XD

Me (as a Doom marine) shooting the head off our US & Canadian distributor where i used to work. Because he was notorious for placing ridiculous last-minute orders and fucking up his stock system so he'd "urgently need" a kit that he had tons and tons of anyway (unless he had fucked up his records and sold them but not said he had - likely!). Several pages later, there's this:

A spoof car sticker seen in an old issue of a non-Practical Classics classic car magazine

Jess Mason in future armour slicing up a racist in an unconvincing way XD. Where's the missing arm gone?

On my faceparty page, under "If I was a millionaire..." I put something about wasting time in cinema's watching every horror film I could find and blasting between them in numerous classics, ending with that quote. Later a hideous, childish and clingy gay bloke tried to chat me up, who had obviously had a cursory glance at my page and headed straight for 'send message' after looking at my pics. I mentioned I had a Clio, his reply? "I thought u had a Rover V8?"

This is probably the most disturbing drawing, it was just there XD. No explanation for it, the guy getting killed isn't holding a BNP sign or something, its just a scene of death casually drawn onto a page XD

...Who may or may not bear a resemblance to a girl i used to work with called Karina, who had the world's third cutest accent (two people at university beat her, the cutest one not actually being from another country either XD)

Another scene of my brother's zombie comic, one of the mercenaries getting shot by a sniper who was defending the mad scientist who created the zombies (and who seemingly asked the mercenaries to help him, but then changed his mind and started to try and kill them)

Based on the silly trailer XD. In the actual film she only kills 4 people

A scene from the "Sunita in Doom" Scum Slaughter special, which did actually get made, now there's something XD

Sunita Shankar and Jess Mason in a Triumph 1800 Roadster. I saw a 'worse for wear but restorable' one at auction once... 5 grand!

I saw a Minor like this at auction too (maybe the same one even XD), i think it was from '55. Didn't have a V8 though, but might have if i had bought it XD. University was the biggest mistake of my life

Should i ever learn to play something and start a punk band I'm blatantly doing TATU covers XD

A game that did get made (Centrefold) and a game that didn't (Scum Slaughter)

An extremely silly dream I had XD. A woman from work called Pam was having a shower in my house (she was also beautiful, wonder why I dreamed that XD) but the shower was haunted and Satan appeared, so she flushed his head down the bog because she was Hindu, so didn't believe in him XD. This made the walls downstairs bleed and I was wondering how I was gonna clean it up before my mum saw and got overly worried that I had injured myself badly.


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