My mum's work at the time (John Lewis in Cambridge, often visited by upper-class scum who throw shoes at the staff if they dare to bring out a pair they donít approve of. If the staff complain they then go "over the road" and get vouchers to buy stuff for free as "compensation" for their "hardship" whilst the black-eyed staff member is sacked for offending the manager's golfing friend by not knowing their place and graciously accepting physical assault. If you are ever in the area get your hair dyed bright green, put on a t-shirt saying "TATU are the FUCKING greatest" and go in there and spit on rich people until you are thrown out.) Where selling off cheap diaries, very cheap, 1p in fact XD, so she got me and my brother one, and I decided to start keeping a diary again. It also had a huge amount of "notes" pages, that I used for doodles. Here are some of the "best".

A friend at school, known only as Sourcerror, because me and him where into bomb-making at one time (not 2004) and we where worried the FBI would track us down if we used our real names, Mike and Tim. Oops. Anyway, he came up with this while we where at school, and I re-drew it in my diary for the crack.

Action Doom was a doom wad based on 1993-ish sidescrolling platform games such as Metal Slug, complete with loads of over-the-top hype. This is the day it came out. (wow, I used to write down when T/nC was happening in my diary? I had no life)

Yeah, those are the best role models us Bi people have got. Well at least for most of them the tabloids mentioned they had "even had affairs with other men/women!" weather that was true or just crude demonisation of evil murderers is anybody's guess. Oh and a few of those names are spelt wrong.

American Police Officer: Here we can see a doodle he did which is obviously a plan to run over innocent people in a car and kill them, whilst setting off bombs. He claims it is just an idea for a videogame, but look deeper into the drawing, it is clearly a plan to act out this "game" for real. We belive he truly meant to go through with his plans.

Oh for a game with the creepiness of Return To Castle Wolfenstien, the gore of Soldier Of Fortune 2, the fun of Doom, the bodycount of Wolfenstien, and the humour of Duke Nukem 3D

Advantages and Disadvantages of setting the re-run of Queer As Fuck in different decades. I think its pretty obvious that it will never ever get done, though.

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