This is the Art section, here you can find pictures ive drawn, pics the fans have sent to me, and general photos and stuff. For a while I used Deviantart to store my pics, but I donít really use that site any more, so I will eventually transfer the pics from there back to the galleries here. That does mean that all of the stuff here (with the exception of the last three things in the fan-stuff section) are pretty old, probably over a year, oh well, if you are a first time visitor that wont make much difference XD

Adults Only


Pictures I have drawn, mostly Felney-related. Also fan-art I have done for other people, and finally one pic by this bloke who sent it to me and asked me to put it up XD


Mostly pics of Felney characters, but also some text as well, which is very funny


Pics taken with my Digital camera.

Massacre Art

Just doodles from my diaries and things, inspired by that PDF of writings from Eric Harris, except mine are more violent and nasty.

VERY Adults Only

Final Fantasy Hentai

Crap Final Fantasy related hentai I have drawn over years past. Some of it is in badly-done sketchy tablet work, others is smudgy biro.


See above, but these are just general pictures of anything.