"Aarons boy friend",who was later named Vincent

Angel and Devil chibi versions of the felney characters..aww ^-^

I was trying to draw kissing properly,and this came out XD

The black cat,symbol of workers power

A large picture of various different characters ive came up with before

Me and someone i used to know as cat people snuggling ^-^

My rubbish attempt at drawing an asian (japanese) guy XD

Ultra chibi mike ^:^

A very odd dream i had (thats me in the plane XD)

The first "Ye legend of felney" picture,it later became a spinoff strip

The game over screen from the zombie part of the felney videogame

Meenit,minette as a catgirl

Mei yonghong from Planet felney on her home planet, Hylasa

An old pic of mike for the now dead Nekoechange at bakaneko

Another attempt at drawing kissing,and mike is straight! XD

Straight dammit!! XD (XXX Content)

A picture inspired by "Piccadilly circus" by Stiff little fingers

"Felney 2407",which later became "Planet felney"

The felney 1 year commemorative pic,contains shirtlessness

The only good social worker IS A DEAD ONE!

A load of doodles that i coloured in ^-^

A summer pic of the characters in swimming-stuff XD

The felney 2 year commemorative pic, contains car crime

Sunita Shankar


Arianna, By LOZ 64 of bakaneko

Minettes character Dawn in Blackpool XD

A girl called Brie gets stuck in an angelic upstarts album XD

Minettes character dawn driving XD

Someone called Gena,i dont remember who created her...

Gloria, a character owned by Celeste

Someones character Hayoto XD

A HUGE Final fantasy pic of crazyness XD

Minnys character Trent

An ooold pic of tsumi XD


A pic of matt shepard,a man murdered for being gay-This is by Banshee