I'd say this is one of the most popular subgenres of Hentai on the web, with me included. Soo I had to do some of my own, well I have a whole book of sketches for 'personal use', but I decided to make some for the web, I used my tablet to start with, but now its out of action (photoshop suddenly and inexplicably wouldn't let me use the stylus pressure menu any more, reinstalling didnít work), so I might put up some scanned stuff too.

Was supposed to be Celes masturbating, but her hands are positioned wrong, imagine she is being fucked 'off camera' maybe?

Locke and Vinny, 6 meets 7!. This contains MM homosexuality, and a visible cock, if you donít like that sorta thing XD

The first one, Sabin on Terra, he looks very tanned..well he did live in a desertÖ

This was supposed to be Edgar fingering Yuffie from behind, but it looks like she's pushing him away.. unfinished

Yuffie sucking cock, you can't see who's, and he has no arms..or maybe is tied up, or sexily wiping sweat off his head..aww

Aeris with Sabin and Edgar, thatís actually quite perverted XD. She should have had Sabin and Yuffie XD

Someone (Edgar) going down on Tifa, in bad-scan-o-vision

Yuffie with some guy I just made up

Yuffie and Sabin, in a bad attempt at Perspective