Here is the page of various things that have been received from the Fans of the strip XD. Most are pictures but there's some written stuff as well, if you have anything to send, send it to mike@fagshategod.co.uk for inclusion on this page. Follow a few rules though:

1-Nothing REALLY perverted, no child sex, animal sex or rape..anything else should be fine though!

2-There is no such thing as too much gore

3-No Racism, or anything like that..unless its to parody that sort of stuff

4-No Fiat Multipla's

5-Keep file sizes under 10 megs, if you send games, flash, movies or stuff


If you send something cool, and want it, I'll give you a @fagshategod.co.uk email!, I'll set it up to re-direct to your normal mailbox, so you wont have to have two, but it will be a good way to offend people by posting it as your mail addy on christian websites. Also a sneaky way to sign up for scum websites like gamefaq's who ban things like hotmail accounts, because they're subhuman.

Note: I have limited email addresses to offer, I've forgotten how many, so lets say somewhere between "A metric fuckton" and "Umpteen", so send your cool shit now, before they all go!

From Minette

An old pic of Mike,but he's still cute looking ^-^

Its Aaron with a chibi Vinny on his shoulder

its Ann with cute angel wings ^-^ aww

Heehee, its Ann after some drinking XD

Aww! Cute chibi Mike with flowers

Aaron and mike being cute XD

aww ^-^ squeezy looking Mike

VERY cute pic of mike ^-^..mmmn,those eyes..

Mike with his hair down..*melts*

Yay,dish ish Tina who ish snuggly XD


From WW's sketcher

I think he's trying to tell me something..XD

Its Ann with an anarchy bunny XD

Its a cave-painting-esque mike XD,but its cool!


The main problem with wearing the same clothes all the time-the weather changes XD

From KJ Pedersen

Its mike and vinny getting to know each other better..teehee (must be all those long nights on the road together..)

Its Mike ^-^

From John h schneider

Assorted journalists from Michigan review Felney XD

From Mallory Jayne Smith

Yay for out of character XD


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